The other day, Japan's first PlatformEngineering c...
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The other day, Japan's first PlatformEngineering community event was held. (It's a bit of an advertisement, but our company also cooperated as a sponsor.💪) As a result, on the first day, the local seats were full and nearly 500 people watched the show, which was a blast.😀 <Platform Engineering Meetup #1> As was mentioned in the case of the presentation above, CyberAgent, an IT service company, has made excellent efforts such as mastering k8s. PlatformEngineering is expected to become more popular in Japan in the future. On the other hand, in general Japanese companies, development is mostly outsourced. When I received training from TeamTopologies the other day, I also heard that it would be difficult to build StreamAligendTeam itself in the case of outsourcing development. I have heard that there are many overseas countries where development is not outsourced, but have you heard of any implementation examples or practices in Platform Engineering that straddle multiple development outsourcing companies? Or is in-house production a major premise? Thank you for your information and opinions.