Hi everyone! I'm setting up Fluxcd in our system. ...
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Hi everyone! I'm setting up Fluxcd in our system. I think flux divides many types of CRD well , so we can easily construct gitops repo such as re-using CR. That's why I chose Fluxcd even though ArgoCD is more popular and has the web page. How about you guys? What GitOps platform you use and Why did you choose that? I wonder what you think about that. 😄
While I use Flux at work because stuff is heavily relating on Kustomize, I would prefer ArgoCD over Flux if I had to decide, maybe because I prefer Helm over Kustomizations and because ArgoCD provides self-healing for Helm Charts while Flux does not. I found this blog post which essentially explains exactly my pov: https://earthly.dev/blog/flux-vs-argo-cd/ tldr;
It depends
I also prefer to use helm! so I usually use HelmRelease CR in fluxcd. the helm-controller of fluxcd has helm golang lib. so we can maintain applications using helm cli.
havent used Flux, but ArgoCD is working magic for us
ArgoCD has advantage of e.g. ApplicationSet and kustomize plugins support, many different synchronization options. https://medium.com/faun/hygiene-of-argocd-built-automation-at-a-scale-cf63ee459510
How are others experience with ArgoCD and scaling out? Our team was comparing between a bunch of CD tools and scaling was a bit factor with our choice.
We use ArgoCD but almost went with Flux. However, it was partially due to timing. At the time Flux v1 was on the way out but v2 wasn’t quite ready for prime time, and we didn’t want to build everything in v1 and have then almost immediately migrate. However, over time we’ve come to think Argo was the right solution for us anyway, and we’ve started using other things from the Argo ecosystem like Events and Workflows. Helm is really the basis of our ArgoCD apps though, but Kustomize is also part of the mix, basically how we deploy the same app into different environments
ArgoCD scales pretty well, there is a good official documentation about scaling up.
There are at least two setups - you can have a one big ArgoCD instance or multiple smaller instances installed by operator.
Both supports HA.
From my experience issues are beginning with too many apps managed by kustomize + when repo-server has higher concurrency limit - it may run too many kustomize processes which ends up in bigger spikes.