I’m genuinely curious. How many platform engineers...
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I’m genuinely curious. How many platform engineers had zero experience and no background in tech before landing this job? Is it realistic to just have a CKA and land a platform engineering role?
I don’t know how many starts working as “Platform Engineer” with zero tech experience but you certainly need to start somewhere. What is inside the CKA certification?
Thanks for your input Romanaric. Pandora’s box 👀
Having seen feedback from engineers who took the cka it's very basic, think of it as a good way to learn the basics but the hard stuff starts on day 2 of using kubernetes and the maintenance of clusters, basically the day to day operations. I would say platform engineers are usually in the mid career stage
I dont think CKA and Platform Engineering are connected. CKA tests you for Kubernetes Admin skills and Platform Engineering is about creating a Product that your users gain value from. Maybe your Product requires deep k8s knowledge but it not have to be. I did both CKA and CKS and it does make me want to abstract away k8s as much as possible for our users because Holy Moly the complexity you can have there.