Hey Folks. :wave: For anyone interested in the top...
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Hey Folks. 👋 For anyone interested in the topics covered in the book Team Topologies, by Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais, we are running an in-person 1-day event in London on 25th May called FastFlowConf. 🎉 We've got an amazing speaker line-up and will be covering topics such as platform as a product, team cognitive load, team APIs and boundaries, unblocking flow and more. Tickets are selling fast so please register if you'd like to attend, would love to meet folks there. We're also looking for sponsors so if anyone thinks their company might be interested, the sponsor prospectus is on the site or feel free to reach out directly to me.
Hi @Paula Kennedy - is this strictly in-person, or will any of it be broadcast online? I'm interested but that date is challenging for me logistically and I'm not local.
It's all in person, I'm afraid, but we will be recording the sessions and they'll be available on youtube shortly after the event
Just a gentle reminder of this event which is happening this month. We also have free tickets available for anyone that is currently unemployed, please just DM me for a discount code (no need to "prove it" or provide any details) ❤️