It is T-minus 10 minutes for the launch of Sourceg...
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It is T-minus 10 minutes for the launch of Sourcegraph's next level Code Intelligence + AI. A bit on what you can expect from us: • Speakers such as David Sacks who will touch on our vision for the future of developer tools and what we're building next (including Cody, an AI coding assistant that can find, explain, and write code. Cody can answer questions about both general programming topics and your specific codebase from right inside your editor. Cody is powered by Sourcegraph's graph of code intelligence, so unlike other coding assistants, it knows about your codebase and not just about open source code.) • An exclusive look at new and upcoming features for in-depth code understanding, collaboration, and productivity. • Interactive sessions with our researchers and engineers on how they're using machine learning and data insights to revolutionize how developers work. If you are interested, feel free to watch the stream here!!