:wave: Hello everyone. I joined a while ago but be...
# intros
👋 Hello everyone. I joined a while ago but better late than never for intros. Here are some “fun facts” about me: • ☘️ I live in downtown Boston with my wife and two young (4 👧 and 0 👶) children. • 📆 I’ve been a developer or founder for over 20 years! • 💾 At my first company, I hosted our company mail server and website under my desk. • 🚲 I love biking on the road and (especially) in the mountains. • 🚀 I’m cofounder at Sym where we help developers secure and automate developer access. • 🧮 I’ve been getting into the history of computing and named my company after a 1960 paper by J.C.R Licklider. • 🔒 I spend a lot of my time these days doing research and writing technical blog posts about access management. • 🤝 You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter