:wave: At Ada ($work), we've been building our Dev...
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👋 At Ada ($work), we've been building our Developer Platform with various tools and improving on how go from development to Production through the use of remote ephemeral environments in #kubernetes via an awesome opensource CNCF project called DevSpace and we give our Developers easy access to see their workloads and more via a Product called Loft. 🎉 It's been a great experience to go from sharing a single K8s EKS cluster to any developer being able to spin up their application in a Pull Request or on-demand in an environment thats very close to Production. Why am I sharing all this? Because tomorrow 📆 March 29 at 9am PST/ 12 EST, the manager of our Developer Automation team, @Robert Dippolito is doing a webinar with Loft Labs about all of this, so if you are interested sign up -> https://www.linkedin.com/events/7033879763471519744/comments/ 🏫 If you are attending KubeCon EU kubernetes in Amsterdam, there is also a talk by @Rajsimman Ravi that you can check out which will go into the details of how we did this at Ada https://kccnceu2023.sched.com/event/1HycU/using-devspace-to-usher-in-an-era-of-peace-fo[…]r-developers-rajsimman-ravichandiran-independent?iframe=no
Got questions about any of this (we're not selling anything, we're an end-user), ask us! 💯
cc @Ross Hendrickson
haha I did a poc with devspace during one of our barn raises 😄 for our new local dev env experience I have been putting together, vcluster is also pretty cool if you dont want to use the full loft experience
What is a ‘barn raise’, @Hugo Pinheiro?
(sorry off topic but I’m very curious, not heard the term before)
Ohh its another word for hackathon, we basically are given a week where we get to work on any project as long as it improves something for the company, we can work solo or in teams, my last one was to use k3d/devspace to move our local docker environments into a local kubernetes cluster so devs could practice and have a similar environment as prod 🙂
I was going to throw in vcluster for the sre team but i ran out of time 🙂
I did end up developing ( aka i glued together a bunch of things ) our custom go cli though which made it to prod 🙂
Yup its pretty cool, like a
. We still have this long guide for how to run our monolith application locally or in Docker With DevSpace, its a single command
devspace deploy
and it does everything. Caveat is you have to configure your
properly but especially when you have multiple services that have their own
and you want to deploy them together, its beautiful. We threw away our custom code we used to have to do all this
nods, ya same use case I had for us we even have a similar long guide on how to run our monolith locally in docker 😂
This is an internal developer platform you built using dev space and loft?
Yes, its not an end to end solution. But its what we standardized on for developing applications. Even if you dont deploy to k8s its a pretty good tool for remote development and you can plugin any deployment tool you have like serverless or terraform etc. though the main usecase is k8s applications We have one app thats a frontend script deployed to a CDN but we can develop in a remote container in a single “devspace dev” command
very neat @Andre Marcelo-Tanner 🙂