Hello everyone! I am Shon Harris from Salt Lake Ci...
# intros
Hello everyone! I am Shon Harris from Salt Lake City Utah, where we have more snow than we know what to do with. (DM me if you would like some of the nearly 70 feet that we still have in the mountains) I am a 20+ year IT pro and a recovering platform engineering leader for SaaS companies, and am now the Developer Relations leader for Spot by NetApp. Spot allows you to automate key tasks in your workflow to allow DevOps and Platform Engineers to focus on the high-value, high-visibility tasks while ensuring your workloads are running on the most financially sound and infrastructure optimized for your applications I am here as a resource about Kubernetes and VM Infrastructure optimization, FinOps, and any other Platform Engineering Tasks, or if you need or have questions about how to optimize your workloads no matter which clouds your environment works in. Looking forward to connecting with everyone and being an active participant in the community.
(P.S. Even though I work for a vendor, i will not be pitching or selling to anyone, I am simply here for the Community and to be a resource and offer help)
this is highly appreciated. Thank you so much!