Benjamin Petit

03/29/2023, 7:53 AM
Hi All ,i'm a developer for 20+ years in Lyon, France , all this time for a TV company that broadcast news worldwide in 12 languages for decades (even if you probably never heard of it) . I previously worked on all kind of tech starting with iMode sites (anyone remember ? 😁 ) and built loads of stuff for the company (from in house CMS and website to transcoding,multiplexing, stitching videos, delivery to platforms , and broadcast automations) . Lately involved in bigData which i thought was not my cup of tea, i now have a keen interest in it and especially serverless applications and analytics dashboards, making figures talk. Thanks for letting me join, hope to learn a lot from you all and to help when i can . Cheers from France

Phevos Skordos

03/29/2023, 8:01 AM
Cheers Benjamin! Looks like we have to learn a lot from you! Thank you for being part of this community.