Hello everyone, considering the latest trends, wha...
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Hello everyone, considering the latest trends, what do you believe are the crucial skills that a platform engineer should possess? Kindly share your thoughts and insights.🙏
• Proficiency with technologies related to Kubernetes, containerization and infrastructure such as Docker, Helm, Kustomize, Terraform, Pulumi, etc. • Knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, JS, and Go • Familiarity with DevOps best practices and CI/CD tools • Experience with cloud providers and their cloud infrastructure technologies, such as AWS, Azure, and Google • Proficiency with observability, monitoring and security tools such as Xray, CloudWatch, Open Tracing, and Grafana Additionally, platform engineers are generally expected to have a foundational knowledge of containerization, DevSecOps environments, script-writing, systems administration skills, distributed systems and architectures, and strong communication skills. (taken from https://platformengineering.org/platform-engineer)
As a platform engineer myself, I can say that it’s a good list. It matches with the skills my team uses for our daily job. Some of us are stronger in observability, others in programming, and others with containerization, but in the end we all use a bit of everything.
I would add the need for product design and delivery at this stage. That can include business process mapping, user testing, documentation writing, advocacy, etc. All the tech specific ones mentioned above are really good too, but wanted to raise another side of the role!
I appreciate advice based on your experience. Thanks you both!