I am looking for a panelist to join an event on ‘h...
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I am looking for a panelist to join an event on ‘how to make the most of Jenkins’. If you have some interesting opinions on why Jenkins still rocks, pm me. If you are unsure, also pm me and we can discuss 🙂. We usually get 500+ signups and a lively discussion with tons of audience questions.
Tagging some people that come to mind on this: @Clemens Jütte @Leonardo Romanato @Arie Heinrich @Jordan Kaye 🙂
Me and my team operate Jenkins (well we look after the giant instance that runs 50 agents all day long) for our platform
@Giulia Guizzardi thanks!
@Neil Millard I’ll pm you 🙂
Thanks for the mention @Giulia Guizzardi but I'm not the person for this task. I would join a panel talking about how to "minimize the pain of preparing to migrate out of Jenkins", which is probably not what @Jan Mundin had in mind :)
Jenkins is great for when you don't want to be strictly tied to a single repo. 🙂
I have been managing teams using Jenkins for 10+ years now, I have been on panels before , would love to contribute as needed. This is me
Thanks for the mention @Giulia Guizzardi - but I would sort myself more on the “retirement helper” side for Jenkins instances. Had some great projects and times with the fella’ ranging from a weekend sidekick project over “help someone to overcome his Franken-Jenkins issues” to a full-blown software factory for an insurance company - but all of that knowledge is pretty dated as it is now at least 5 years since I actually did use and choose Jenkins as CI system.
@Clemens Jütte thanks for the update!
@Krishna Nadiminti I’ll pm you 🙂