What are the main KPIs you track for internal deve...
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What are the main KPIs you track for internal developer platforms and tools? e.g. MAU, adoption CSAT/NPS, etc? And how do you track these?
DAU, WAU, MAU, Unique Page views all from Google analytics plugin, percentage of recently deployed services in the service catalog (cross compare with in house deployment data) , percent recently pushed to repos in the service catalog (custom entity provider which scans github collects this data ) for developer portal
For deploy tooling, usage percentage, deploy frequency, lead time all collected using segment analytics, user nps collected with quarterly survey (this last one is still not being done, planning something like it)
Onboarding laptop setup tooling, rating score out of 5 collected after onboarding is finished
Customer Effort Score (CES), as to measure ease of use. This is not a main KPI, but still relevant.
The overall “mission” of my platform org is “enable developers to deliver value to customers securely in a cheaper, faster, easier way. These are the things I would measure directly related to the above • How many security incidents since platform adoption • cost • MTTD, MTTR, lead times to deployment, time a ticket spends in review, etc • How many “hops” does a developer have to make to complete any task that involves platform engagement