Hey all, I’m an ex-BitGo infrastructure engineer c...
# intros
Hey all, I’m an ex-BitGo infrastructure engineer currently on the market for my next role. Spent the last 5 years building up their crypto infrastructure utilizing a lot of CNCF tech. Hoping to broaden my horizons and learn something new!
Oh cool. I would love to do a 1:1. I am interested in working on platform engineering for blockchain companies from a Product Manager perspective.
Did you build their dev platform?
Hey! Yeah I did, though not single-handedly. They have an ‘enablement’ team within devops which is the most focused on the platform and dev tooling. I ended up drifting more towards SRE.
I made a lot of the initial platform decisions which I’m proud to say have scaled fairly well with the company.
I am interested in learning more and then if you are okay writing about it.
Especially since I think the concept of internal dev platforms really is the actual platform for blockchains. I am interested in the product management approach
To making the platform meet the needs.
Hey there, Do you use Kubernetes for running blockchain nodes?