04/07/2023, 8:17 PM
Hi all, I’m a software engineer with some system administration, IaaS, and container experience. I’ve got an interview for a platform engineering role next week and I was hoping the community could help me bridge gaps I have in my knowledge before then. I’m running proxmox at home, I know ansible, Linux, bash, git. But I haven’t used docker seriously since 2015, I just know enough AWS to pass their basic entry level cert. Any pointers?

Niklas Karbaum

04/07/2023, 8:43 PM
What would be your responsibilities in the new role? Also have you asked the company for recommendations to properly prepare for the interview?

Mariano Paz

04/07/2023, 9:05 PM
Hi Adef Some emotion-less questions I encourage you to essay: • What does Platform mean, in your words? ◦ Do you feel confortable with the answer you give? ◦ Is it accurate but detailed enough for an Engineering rol? ◦ Which different kinds of roles would your role interact with? ▪︎ Software Developers • Backend • Frontend ▪︎ Infrastructure Engineers ▪︎ Operations Engineers ▪︎ Facilities ▪︎ Leaders ▪︎ Product ◦ How would you explain to each of these groups the impact your work has on theirs, in words they can understand? Just triggering some ideas to find your confort (or week) zones when it comes to explain how you visualize yourself playing the role you apply for.