Hi all @ <#C02FDQAHZTK|intros>, I'm Christoph and ...
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Hi all @ #intros, I'm Christoph and I work at BMW as a Lead Architect (probably better call it Platform Lead in the future...). We currently, kind of, refactor all of our services and embedded software needed for Personal Settings/ Data (so basically every setting/ data attached to the BMW ID of a customer - which you can think of like your Apple ID). Nice topic with a lot of IoT flavor (vehicle software and customer data sync covering 3 generations already out there for millions of vehicles, Smartphone Apps, Domains using the BMW ID infrastructure to add customer value to their functions cross touchpoint and cross generation). I have a very wide range of experience covering from embedded likes busses to cloud architectures. But not so much experience in build Platforms (yet 😉 ) Looking forward to PlatformCon and some nice experience exchange.