After 2k+ responses the results of the platform en...
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After 2k+ responses the results of the platform engineering survey are in. You can find it here:
Lol when Oracle cloud beats you, poor gcp 😂
wow, 41 responses for "what size is your platform eng team" of 1000+ employees, impressive.
I need to update my knowledge about cloud providers marketshare.. Digital Ocean in 1st place for "what public clouds do you primarily use"
cc @Morgan Perry
@Fokke Dekker I’m concerned by the results. How is it possible that MySQL Postgres is far far behind the top 3 databases?
We created a survey that was shared on Reddit, LinkedIn, and various Discord groups, with what amounted to be 2,289 responses (after validating the data and removing duplicates from the original 2,789 responses) that targets our questions about platform engineering.
I wonder how biased this makes the results
Where are you worried there are biases? We primarily shared it in Platoform eng groups. I agree with you that that result is surprising.
I even asked to a director from Couchbase at devoxx FR and they were (positively) surprised by the results 😅