Adam Buggia

04/13/2023, 7:53 PM
Hello everyone! Sym is looking for authors to write technical content for our blog. Here’s the pitch: learn interesting topics, work with good editors and earn extra cash. Also, we’re consistently featured in DevOps and security newsletters, so you could gain exposure to the audiences of properties like Last Week in AWS, tl;dr sec, Programming Digest, AWS Security Digest and many more. The best content comes from authors writing on something they are genuinely interested in so I’d love to hear about your interests and ideas. Our audience is made up of folks like you: thinking about cloud infrastructure and security. DM me if you’d like to chat.

Anna Bertran

04/17/2023, 2:28 PM
I’d like to know more about this!

Shoaib UL Haque Mohammed

04/19/2023, 2:08 PM
me too

Siva Guruvareddiar

05/05/2023, 11:49 AM