Frans Oilinki

04/17/2023, 2:46 PM
Hello! I am Frans from Finland, living in Taiwan. I have a long history in software development and varied experience (having used Java, C++, C, Elixir, TypeScript, and Python to develop server applications, embedded Linux systems, web applications, and even some mobile app development). I am currently doing projects as an independent developer, recently working on Linux security and web development. I have been learning AWS, Kubernetes, IaC, and similar things. I enjoy automating monkey work out of the picture, building development tooling, and tweaking development processes and pipelines. I wish to reposition my career goals toward something intersecting DevOps, SRE, and platform engineering. My curiosity about platform engineering brought me here. I see a lot of curiosity-stirring technologies, but I have some problems navigating because without hands-on solving actual business problems, everything seems somewhat abstract.