:wave: Hey Folks, we announced today that the Pla...
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👋 Hey Folks, we announced today that the Platform Maturity Model that we've been working on at Syntasso has been donated to the CNCF Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for App Delivery for further iteration and release: https://www.syntasso.io/post/syntasso-donates-first-version-of-platform-maturity-model-to-cncf-working-group. 👀 We're excited to see how this develops within the Platform Engineering community and would love to hear feedback from anyone who's also thinking about platform maturity and how internal platforms can be improved. Also, if anyone is interested in contributing, please register interest in the GitHub issue or join the Working Group (WG) Platforms Slack channel which is part of the CNCF Slack server.
Hi, I saw your presentation at PlatformConf, this seems like a good start. I have been writing a series for the community and creating a short ebook from a Product Manager perspective....where does the PM fit in terms of the stages? Or in terms of accelerating maturity? Do you think that these low-code tools and abstraction or orchestration tools remove the need for a Product Manager to treat the platform as a product?