hello all - I'm an Engineering leader based in Tor...
# intros
hello all - I'm an Engineering leader based in Toronto, Canada, and I've worked on SaaS systems since the early 2000s (yes - before SaaS was coined as a term). Have operated as a software engineer and DBA/SRE as IC and have led different teams (both product-facing and SRE/Infra/DevOps) as a manager and leader. Continually looking to learn and develop my thinking along the self-service and developer-enabling mindset with the ultimate objective of enabling teams to develop resilient and performant systems.
Hey @Andrea Corey -- Nice to see you here!
Ah nice, great to see you too @Ajay Chankramath! I saw your posting about your upcoming (?) or recent presentation for Thoughtworks, great stuff!
@Andrea Corey would love to chat more about it