Hello everyone, I'm Jorge working in a transportat...
# intros
Hello everyone, I'm Jorge working in a transportation company. Currently based on 🇬🇧 . I've started the journey of creating and leading a platform team from scratch and still doing it. We followed the principles of the continuous delivery and we almost ended up in a "Anti-type F" topology but we realised at time that we needed a team to support the job of the feature delivery teams, thus we created a platform team. I'm interested in Platform engineers skills and career growing, There is indeed a lot of talk about tools/programming languages but I would love a conversation about core skills of a good platform engineer such as empathy. I registered in this community as I'm sure we will get interesting discussion about everyone's experiences.
Hope to see you around #loc-uk
Hey Jorge, you're not far down the road from me in Poole I see. If you refer to empathy, is the platform team that you are building more focused on developer experience for internal teams out of interest?