Tim Jagodzinski

05/05/2023, 4:53 PM
SRE/DevOps/Cloud Engineers (Intermediate & Senior) for [Berlin/Germany, full-time, remote (plus/minus three hours from CET)] tl;dr: => Our Infrastructure Jobs (Intermediate & Senior) I'm looking for great SREs/DevOps/Cloud Engineers to join our infrastructure team at JustWatch! Our leadership is no-nonsense, deeply technical, and involved in their fields. Our communication is direct; we avoid petty politics and cancel useless meetings. The teams are 100% self-organized, and there is no global scrum - for us, it is about delivery, not ticking checkboxes. When it comes to the infrastructure we need, we prefer battle-proven, easy-to-understand technologies and only build custom; what has to be custom! We are picky regarding who we work with, but we believe in working with stunning colleagues, and you will profit from that too! All postings, with an application form, can be found here: Our Infrastructure Jobs If you have questions (technical or about JustWatch), message me here on Slack - for applications please use our website! (Please no 3rd party recruiters)