Hey there, I’m Marcin, and I’m the Head of Product...
# intros
Hey there, I’m Marcin, and I’m the Head of Product at Ocado Technology. I work on the team that’s all about making developers more productive. We create awesome products that help them throughout the software development lifecycle. When I’m not busy with that, you can find me: • browsing record stores for my next vinyl fix 🎵 • trying (and failing) to become a basketball prodigy 🏀 or • getting lost in the magical worlds created by Gabriel Garcia Marquez - I’m a total aficionado! 📚 ❤️ I would be delighted to connect with like-minded individuals in the platform engineering community and discuss the challenges that come with building an internal Developers Platform. If you want to chat and swap stories, just hit me up! 🙂 Good day!