Good afternoon All! I have a question for the grou...
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Good afternoon All! I have a question for the group. We are currently in the process of building our platform and enablement strategies and determining what that team structure will look like. We are presently structured to be more of an SRE team with responsibility for our cloud platforms, automation, pipelines, CDN, proxy layers, synthetics, templates, etc. I was curious if anyone would be willing to share how they have structured their team with an increasing focus on enablement and platform. We are currently looking at creating sub teams with a focus on specific domains (ie: DevOps/Automation, Cloud Platform/IAC, etc.). Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
I would love to - send me a PM and let me know how I can help
Thanks so much!
What was the outcome so far from this? I'm leading a Platform team that has very diverse disciplines within the team, and it is hard to get a common team goal, synergies etc. We have DevOps Engineers, Core Backend Scala Developers, Data Platform Engineers and also a MSI Installer responsible for our agent based solution. Wondering what's your input on teams like this, that get put together under one Manager but they don't really see the value of being one team. What DevOps talks about is very different from what Data Engineers work with, the same goes for the Backend Developers and Agent Specialist.