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Jennifer Riggins

05/15/2023, 2:26 PM
YAYYYYYY I just started writing for LeadDev and y’all can guess what my first post was about 😉 Support and shares of it are very welcome!

Alan Barr

05/15/2023, 3:13 PM
This is great! I love the summary at the end. Our platform is on-premises but I imagine most companies are running in the cloud and are crunching the numbers. Focus on cloud cost efficiency - is huge these days. Anyone finding ways to reduce the costs?

Louise Ogilvy

05/15/2023, 4:02 PM
This popped into my emails! Love the fact that you have related this back to burnout being so prevalent right now, particularly with so many layoffs. It is so important right now that companies look at better ways to remain productive rather than simply heaping more work on to staff!

Jennifer Riggins

05/15/2023, 4:38 PM
@Alan Barr anything that has like AWS automate cloud resources help scale up and down. and then i wrote about these products that help
Actually the numbers boasted by Cast AI are banans
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