Hi folks :blob-waver: I am CEO at <Gitpod> buildin...
# intros
Hi folks blob waver I am CEO at Gitpod building the developer platform for on-demand cloud development environments (CDEs) pre-configured with all tools, libraries and dependencies needed for developers to write and review code. Our team is behind developerexperience.us and CDE Universe (prev devxconf.org). We receive more and more requests from large customers to integrate with Backstage - so I thought I'd join the community around IDPs 🙂 Looking forward to discuss, get feedback, get challenged and learn from all of you. If folks want to engage in a discussion around the problems we tackle at Gitpod, I added more context in the 🧵
Problem we tackle: Developers still work with unautomated and uncontrollable development environments, wasting hours every day on inefficient tools that limit creativity, collaboration, and flow. This leaves frustrated engineering teams and worse, organizations facing adverse effects on revenue, cost, and risk. There must be better ways to create software with less strain. With the shift to the cloud and centralized and automated continuous integration and continuous deployment, teams became more efficient and gained agency to experiment and learn more quickly. That said, development environments still aren’t automated. This causes: • Time-consuming setups and costly context-switches • Development environment drift within teams (‘works on my machine’ issue) • Broken pipelines caused by environment drift between development, CI and production • Difficulties in reproducing issues • Applications that are too large to run locally • Dependency management problems (out-of-date or incorrect state) • Security vulnerabilities in supply chain (missed security patches or updates)