Nick Travis

05/20/2023, 3:17 AM
Hi all, me intro is that I’m not working right now 😄. There was a buyout offer for reasons and I wanted a break to renovate my house. So I’ve been learning a lot and applying bandaids when I miss. My most recent role was leading a team of DevOps engineers in a 100 person tech org inside a media company. We handled the web platform from local dev to build/packaging, release, and monitoring/alerting. It was a lot of fun building out the golden path and helping those who wanted to be a little off of it, and learning much along the way. I’m starting to look for my next role, targeting a next level up, in the Washington DC area or full remote. Feel free to DM if you’re interested in chatting about that further. I really enjoy finding out the core problem someone is trying to solve (ideally, we’ve already got the answer!) and getting to the right solution at the right time. Sometimes that’s new tech and other times it is reframing the issue.