Hello everyone, I’m Kyle, co-founder & CEO of ...
# intros
Hello everyone, I’m Kyle, co-founder & CEO of depot.dev, where we make Docker container builds up to 20x faster from your terminal or existing CI provider. We’re a YC company just coming out of the W23 batch. Before starting Depot, I worked at various startups like Era Software and Zapproved, as well as the non-profit Thorn. I’ve spent my entire career around Platform Engineering & DevOps. Most recently, we built the PaaS offering for EraDB with the full suite of “fun” like K8s, multi-cloud in AWS/GCP/Azure, Terraform, Helm, Rust, etc. It was packaging up EraDB services into Docker containers that annoyed us enough to start Depot 🙂 I am excited to be a part of this community to learn from all of you & share my own experiences.