Hello Platform Engineers, :scissors: Azure is rais...
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Hello Platform Engineers, ✂️ Azure is raising prices in Europe 15% across the board. Economizing your cloud costs takes more than just reviewing your bills-especially if you have apps running on containers! Here’s a great approach to managing your cloud costs. 6-Factor Framework for Managing Cloud Costs Webinar With today’s macroeconomics, companies are seeing rising cloud costs. Key to managing these costs is empowering and enabling your engineers. This session will take you through a practical 6-factor framework for managing your costs- even across Kubernetes. Engineering leaders looking to setup a cloud economics or FinOps practice will hear about: • Developing your “Spidey-Sense” for pre-empting spiking provider costs • Establishing shared unit economic metrics between engineering & finance • Strategies for motivating engineering teams to manage costs • And codifying your business cost strategy in automation for long-term success REGISTER HERE https://hubs.ly/Q01PyxCX0