I am trying to to figure out a good design between...
# platform-blueprints
I am trying to to figure out a good design between using a workload definition like OAM/score as a developer interface or a different approach for the platform. Has anyone had experience on both fronts here? Are there other "workload" type specs out there to define the application? If not what is the alternative if you have complex infrastructure requirements for the services, IE api gateway config, pub/sub, database, storage bucket, dns, etc. How are you modeling those things as an simple interfaces for the developers in the platform?
Hi @Kevin Scheunemann, We have developed a specification at facets.cloud that creates an abstraction at the level you're discussing. This spec aims to democratize various aspects of infrastructure and continuous deployment management. We are considering whether it would be beneficial to open-source this schema definition. We would love to brainstorm this idea further and determine its potential benefits for the wider community. Take a look at it here https://github.com/Facets-cloud/facets-schemas
hmm interesting, however that schema/spec is just for use with facets-cloud and your solution.
We have encountered the same problem before and hope that this project will be helpful to you https://kusionstack.io/docs/user_docs/getting-started/usecases/deliver-the-wordpress-application-on-kubernetes-and-clouds
As of now yes, we developed it for our solution but the spec can be implemented by anyone. And we can think of giving a open source version also for the implementation .
You could have a look at score (https://score.dev) for the app. Score itself is platform agnostic but will allow to introduce any kind of platform specific (aka infra concerns) as part of an implementation. As score is OSS, you can build out the implementation for your own platform as needed.