Wondering how many of us here own a computer scien...
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Wondering how many of us here own a computer science degress, does it worth the effort? I myself actually not have a degress, I learnt linux by myself and then landed a job as desktop operation, and then I learn scripting and ansible and then became a devops engineer But somehow I found network is important, operating system concept is important and a lot of other things, hence I am thinking whether I need to get a degree for it, not necessarily a degree but want to know more and deeper in the IT world How about your ideas?
There are many routes into tech and a degree is one of them. It's not the only one. There are lots of successful people in tech who don't have a degree blob waver The theory is important, so if you find your way into tech without a degree, you need to be aware of the need to fill in some knowledge gaps. There is no end to the learning, so having a growth mindset is crucial. Once you are doing tech, most interviews are focussed on experience rather than degrees, but you may find it harder to get that first role.