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Hey PlatformCon platformcon23*! Choose your own adventure:* • Do you want to keep watching the stream of talks we selected for today? Click on this link and participate in the chat:


• Would you like to check the tracks of Day 1 on your own? Click on your favorite track or look through them all: ◦ Platform Culture - Day 1Platform Impact - Day 1Platform Tech - Day 1Platform Stories - Day 1Platform Blueprints - Day 1 • Do you want to let us guide you through a learning path? Choose between Fundamental, Advanced or Management! Not sure which channel to use for your questions? Here's a quick guide: 1. Find the talks or the speakers you're interested in 2. Check the track their talk is assigned 3. Ask questions on the corresponding channel: #platform-blueprints #platform-culture #platform-impact #platform-stories #platform-tech Also, our Pioneer sponsors are waiting for you to join their channels for some discussions and questions! 👇 #ant-group-at-platformcon23 #cortex-at-platformcon23 #docker-at-platformcon23 #rafay-at-platformcon23 #stormforge-at-platformcon23 #vmware-tanzu-at-platformcon23 #zeet-at-platformcon23