Thanks <@U05BED6GSHY> hope you enjoyed! I would sa...
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Thanks @PASCAL LOMBARD hope you enjoyed! I would say there needs to be an element of pragmatism here in terms of what kinds of different offerings you provide via the platform. With the CI/CD example it may be that you choose two different implementations but still use a single consistent CI/CD platform (Gitlab) however with different approaches. ie some communities may need a GitOps approach and others more of a push based model - you can still provide them both and ensure people use them consistently. You may even support a GCP pipeline as well, but the key will be to try and balance allowing everything vs choice. Better to allow people choice from amongst a few different (but managable options) than simply supporting everything - thats probably worse!
@PASCAL LOMBARD When you say you aren’t able to support multiple implementations, what was the reason for not being able to do this?
Honestly, there a multiple reasons (beyond money of course 😄) : hiring tech people is really difficult these times, getting up to speed on the tech takes time, and managing the induced complexity can be a really tough task. So we usually opt for a mono-implementation, with all the caveats that you talked about 🫤
Thanks for the answer ! Pragmatism, I love that word ! I'll keep in mind that balance is the goal to aim for, and that we'll have to know our communities very well (like we'd do for external users) so we can explain (and defend) our choices while acknowledging their specific needs.