Hey everyone, Here is my talk about our journey cr...
# platform-culture
Hey everyone, Here is my talk about our journey creating a platform culture! I talk about how we got to where we are today and some key wins/failures along the way. https://platformcon.com/talks/how-realtor-com-created-a-platform-culture-that-lasts
HI @Suzy Julius towards the end of the talk, the speaker mentions going "all in on the data graph" and creating visibility to simplify the microservices layer. Could you provide more insights into what the data graph entails and how it helps improve performance, security, and reliability? Thanks!
Hey @Suzy Julius Really enjoyed your talk and learning about the culture mindshift! Sent you a DM, would you mind giving me some feedback?
Hey @Lydia Dranetti happy to chat further. In short, I mean going all in on Apollo GraphQL. Apollo GraphQL brings a single connected graph to guarantee consistent and expedited delivery of high-quality data to our products. Apollo simplifies the creation of a cohesive data layer, allowing our teams to enhance API development and deliver outstanding tools designed for modern applications. It also has the built in security/reliability too.