Hi everyone!:rainbow_catdance: <@U057SEKJDU1> and ...
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Hi everyone!rainbow catdance @Gang Luo and I work in IoT organisation in the Home Appliance industry, which scaled from ten to 200 developers with 5 Ops engineers within 3 years. To meet this challenge head-on, we have developed IDP and embed SRE principles into it 👀 Listen our talk and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have


Hey @Gang Luo and @Kristina Kondrashevich, I really really like your talk! You have a nice energy:))) the venu was very cool too! I have been an SRE for 7 years, and hope to call myself platform engineer for the next 7😄 My queestion is really on the balancing act of what you talked about. How do you get that balance between empowering devs but also maintaining centralised control? Because yes I understand it is important to really empower devs, but at the end of the day at big orgs esp with security, governance, compliance etc etc, centralisation is more important isn't it?
@Neyan Kevek Before introducing our IDP, we already had some policies in our org, and all teams followed them. So this centralised control was kind of in place. IDP brings more automation and improves the speed of delivery, it doesn’t change those policies though. Some policies are actually now converted into templates in IDP. We also keeps communication with devs to understand their pain points, and try to improve the policies and procedures so they can be more autonomous.