Hi everyone- Excited to share my talk, <DevEx: Wh...
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Hi everyone- Excited to share my talk, DevEx: What actually drives productivity. This talks presents research on what does (and doesn’t) predict productivity. Relates to my recent ACM paper: https://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=3595878 If you have questions or comments, I’m here!
Hello @Abi Noda Thanks for the interesting talk! How would approach analysis of DevEx effort/initiative outcomes with data from platform metrics and developer surveys how to quantify data from surveys to put it alongside metrics from platform in context? Also multiple teams can directly or indirectly influence devex(platform teams, QAs, Sec team etc.) so creating surveys/thinking of metrics to collect should be joint effort of different team's representatives, what are your thoughts on this?
Hey @Szymon St2808 - definitely recommend using survey-based metrics and system-based metrics in combination. Survey metrics give you holistic insights, where as system-based metrics can capture a lot more precision. To your second question - that really boils down to measuring the right things that matter. You want to measure some things for the teams themselves to affect, as well as data points for your individual platform teams to be able to measure their progress by. Ideally, you find measurements that aren’t affected by confounding factors and therefore provide strong signal.