Pumped to be at PlatformCon today! In this session...
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Pumped to be at PlatformCon today! In this session, LinearB co-founder Dan lines dives into Scaling Developer Efficiency through the use of Pull Request workflow automation: https://platformcon.com/talks/scaling-developer-efficiency-with-workflow-automation How does Pull Request Automation work? Create custom rules in your repo that will classify & route pull requests based on their content. Rule Examples include: • Label all PRs with an Estimated Review Time tag • Code Experts > CODEOWNERs (blame & commit combined) • Add addition reviewers for specific PRs (like the security team) • Automatically improve specific PRs (like dependabot updates) What is the takeaway? gitStream is a (free) tool platform and devops engineers can use to scale their team's efficiency with every PR interaction. Checkout the docs: https://docs.gitstream.cm/ I'm here all day if you have any questions : )