Happy Thursday PlatformCon peeps. Here’s link to ...
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Happy Thursday PlatformCon peeps. Here’s link to our talk “Getting FinOps right without destroying agility” if you can’t wait for the stream https://platformcon.com/talks/get-finops-right-without-destroying-your-agility If you have any questions just come over to #yotascale-at-platformcon23
Thank you, fantastic talk
Any suggestions on what tools that you have right now in your infrastructure on FinOps Platform?
Hi Laurentius, we are still a pretty small team so we run FinOps pretty lean here. We're able to do that by using our own software to help us allocate, forecast, and optimize our costs. We also have a great DevOps team that is constantly looking for other opportunities to cut costs.
Another good practice is to tightly manage your reservations and savings plans and move workloads to spot where possible!
I do understand the big picture, but sometimes, for me, again this is only me, it is helpful for me to also know what tools that
be used to gather all this information that will help stakeholders to make decisions.