Hey everyone I'm David Sandilands from Puppet and ...
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Hey everyone I'm David Sandilands from Puppet and excited my talk about the State of DevOps Report 2023 Platform Engineering Edition goes live today. The report reviews key points like • What makes platform engineering the key to DevOps success at scale • Why platform engineering is on the rise • How platform engineering benefits the entire organization – when done well • The effect of under-investing in product management skills on platform teams I'll be around today for any questions and in thr slack Q&A today. If there's also any thoughts as to what should be investigated in future reports we would love to hear it. https://platformcon.com/talks/behind-the-scenes-of-puppets-2023-state-of-devops-report-platform-engineering-edition https://www.puppet.com/resources/state-of-platform-engineering
Hey David, loved the talk, is there any findings of the ones that the Puppet report is highlighting that really surprised you or that confirmed one of your thoughts? For me seeing that many firms are adopting Platforms because those have been suggested by consulting firms makes me wonder a ton about engineering leaders and how well is platform ROI communicated...
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Hey @Petra Korinne Frikowski I think the key finding that surprised me was how positive and impactful platforms had been overall. When we have looked at other DevOps initiatives in the past there has generally been at least some cynicism and a lot of orgs struggled for years without making any significant impact with their initial devops approaches. I am also interested in how platforms have been chosen as since a lot are still mainly young they are likely still under executive sponsored transformation programmes without the real budgetary pressures and will face having to show their ROI for their day to day budget in the very near future. This is an area I'm keen to try and get more detail in the near future.