Hello everyone. Please check out our <video> in wh...
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Hello everyone. Please check out our video in which Rinsha and I talk about cloud native buildpacks. We delve into the history, features and the advantages of cloud native buildpacks in the CI build process. Please do reach out to us for any questions on this topic.
Hey @Ajay M , just finished your talk. I had this question...in what ways do cloud-native build packs contribute to the standardization and maintenance of application builds across different environments and platforms?
Thank you for watching! What we meant by standardization is that the platform operators and buildpack authors have control over what is allowed to be done. E.g: A company's security policy might be that: only a base image that has gone through the security team's vetting has to be used for all applications. This is easily achievable by enforcing it through buildpacks. The burden of updating such base images is also now passed to the platform operator and not the app developer. Maintenance was also from the perspective of platform operators: Since buildpacks and builders are versioned and trackable with a version control system, there is scope to easily maintain multiple versions and variants.