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Really enjoyed this talk, its cool to see more stuff coming out of brasil
tagging @Francisco Ribas to get the praise!
Thanks Hugo… We have great cases from Brasil and it’s a pleasure to show part of it!!!
Great talk, @Francisco Ribas! You mentioned that conflicts between development and DevOps teams were common before implementing the Internal Developer Platform. Can you elaborate on the specific challenges? I would be happy to know more because I am in DevOps myself 🙂
Thanks @Jordan Palebrook...
At the company I work for, it was a strategic decision to have separated teams for "Devops" (when I say devops, please read infra and cloud team). This team is responsible to create infrastructure and apply changes on cloud services. As a separated team, it has its own backlog and prioritization. When a product team has to create or update its structure, it was necessary to include this work on cloud team backlog. Due this process, it was common the block of product backlog waiting for infra team tasks.
With automation and parametrization, we could standardize all patterns and the product team can create all common infrastructure componentes on its own.