Hi folks, whether you're a manager or IC across fu...
# platform-culture
Hi folks, whether you're a manager or IC across functions at any stage of your platform/SRE career, I encourage you to take a look at my presentation on how to build effective cross functional SRE teams. This comes from my learnings leading the teams who built platforms used to launch BEES for Anheuser Busch (now supporting deca billions in global annual revenue), Wordle and Cooking for NYTimes, and more. We've had to deliver platforms and reliability to 500-1000 engineers working on very tight timelines, inflexible budgets, enormous visibility, and considerable tech debt. This talk is focused on the culture, structures, practices, and mindset that led these teams to success. Please thread or DM me with questions or comments! https://platformcon.com/talks/structuring-effective-cross-functional-sre-teams