Hi everyone, Naveen Chakrapani here from Rafay. He...
# platform-blueprints
Hi everyone, Naveen Chakrapani here from Rafay. Here’s my talk on 'a blueprint for enabling multi-tenancy in K8s environments':


. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
@Naveen Chakrapani I really appreciated your the blueprint you presented. Very clear and easy setup for multi-tenancy, it's like a cheat sheet! Do you have any blog or other things you wrote on multi-tenancy?
This is a very easy to follow and structured overview of multi tenancy of k8s clusters. Nice talk, I enjoyed watching it
@Petra Korinne Frikowski, here is a blog that I wrote a while back: https://rafay.co/the-kubernetes-current/multi-tenancy-best-practices-for-shared-kubernetes-clusters/, I will also share the slides with you