Join me in appreciating :clap: all the organizers ...
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Join me in appreciating 👏 all the organizers for hosting such an incredible event and to the speakers, incredible talk tracks, and wonderful learning resources for the future, who have joined the event from all over the globe. Hello friends a bit of note to connect with awesome community members in future and learning from them, I'm the host of a show called Cloud Native Podcast where I talk about Platform thinking, Platforming Kubernetes, Kubernetes API as a universal control plane, Design consideration for Platform teams, how to measure the success of platform and platform teams, building cloud-native architecture, and more topic(s), Tomorrow I'll be speaking to my guest and co-founder of Qovery on this topic,

Success Metrics for Platform and Platform Teams | Ep 80

DM open and I'm here as well #rafay-at-platformcon23 if you want to appear on the next episode, the topic you are interested in speaking to or want to share a learning journey you went through building Platform or Managing Platform Teams for large-scale enterprises.