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@Bas Vegter The talk emphasizes the importance of providing clear guidelines and a well-defined set of tools for developers. How does the organization ensure that these guidelines and tools remain adaptable and future-proof? Are there processes in place for continuous evaluation and improvement of the platform products and tech stacks?
Hi Pedro, thanks for a good question. For this we use our Functional Cluster DevOps & QA through which our engineers are organized in communities where they can share what they need. Our platform organisation plays an active role in this functional cluster and through our innovation teams and connecting people through technology we keep ahead of the wave. Also the standardisation is mainly focused on the foundation, pipeline, quality validation, monitoring, landingzones, etc. Other, more "build tools" are less mandatory and are paved road solutions that are promoted and easy to use. If, there are better solutions on the horizon this will go through our FC DevOps & QA community with whome we will work on new paved roads. It's a continuous check and balances to keep up with demand and change, well balanced of course. We choose well established tools and solutions for our paved roads. Maybe I should write a blog about it. And try to focus more on this part next year, by then it will also be a lot better as the process itself is also under constant review. Change is the only constant 😉