<@U03JPTPGWNQ> - I really enjoyed your talk on qua...
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@Lambros Charissis - I really enjoyed your talk on quantifying platform engineering impact. I have been grappling with how to get at that "impact for developer" value to really get at that increased productivity KPI. Can you explain in a little more detail how you were able to get to that value?
Hi @MacKenzie Warren thank you! I have a quick response to a similar question here: https://platformengin-b0m7058.slack.com/archives/C05AYDA2AAC/p1686556695832469?thread_ts=1686246239.045219&amp;cid=C05AYDA2AAC Basically I work with our analysts in product engineering to get to this numbers. Wise is generally a very data-driven company, so this really helps 🙂
Let me know if that helps 🙂