Hey everyone! :wave: I'm Mathieu, Director of Dev...
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Hey everyone! 👋 I'm Mathieu, Director of DevOps at nesto, in Montréal Québec Canada, a Series C fintech revolutionizing the Mortgage industry into the digital world! There's a new Staff DevOps opportunity opening up in my team and I thought I'd post it here, given how passionate and talented this community is! ❤️ We have a small, dynamic, and highly skilled DevOps team 🔥🚀, with great positivity, collaboration and having much fun!! 🎉 🌮 We are shifting our focus towards Platform Engineering and building something truly amazing to make our developers more productive, happy and joyful 🥰 and are also developing some very useful open source components in the process. We work with cutting edge cloud native techs (GCP, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Pulumi, Crossplane...) and inspire ourselves from the best culture and practices books, trying to continually improve our work and environment, and hopefully inspiring others around us in that wake. Here's the job description for full details on that role. You can also watch my PlatformCon 2023


to learn more about our team's journey, philosophy, culture and mindset.🌳🧘☀️ Looking forward to discussing this with you all! 😁
Looks very nice. Sadly, I’m in the Netherlands otherwise I’d have applied.
Thanks @Alex T. for your interest and warmest regards from Canada! 🙂☀️