Hey all! My name is David and I am working on a ne...
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Hey all! My name is David and I am working on a new a startup in the cloud cost world focused on helping reduce cloud waste. We are very engineered focused and I enjoyed learning from many at the conference. I am looking to keep learning. I am searching for engineers / engineer managers that we can test our platform on. • Are you based in NYC? Would love to meet you next week. • If not would love to have a zoom call. If you are interested please ping me or reply to this thread. Would love to meet you! And if I can help anyone somehow always happy to. Thanks!
Happy to have a virtual chat on this and share my opinions, can you suggest your availability for upcoming weeks?
Hi David, Are you hiring ?
Hello, I also am interested!
Hey David, Saw your post, and I think it would be interesting to chat a bit more. The company I'm currently at is conducting some research on this topic - and I'd like to explore if there is some overlap or possible synergy. Looking forward to connecting.