Hi folks, I’m taking a break from employment to wo...
# platform-culture
Hi folks, I’m taking a break from employment to work on my own projects, but I’m finding no community in our niche that can exchange feedback on ideas and possibly code. I was a lead/staff platform/data eng when I left, and I’m finding time to write a lot of libraries that I had wished existed. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get a sense for a larger interest with my currently fairly small direct network. I have several that I’ve put down, but am still interested in, that I’d love to know if people would use. For example this rust library that caches/refreshes a full dataset in memory: https://github.com/hkolbeck/mirror-cache. From looking around, I don’t think that this is that community, but if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them 💜
I think many people are here for the Platform hype and to get help with the big things, such as IDPs and to learn more about the ideas gaining in popularity.
That being said, there probably is room here for a community of platform folx to share ideas. Perhaps something here will resonate with a wider audience.
I haven’t spent much time with Rust, I’m curious to look at your code though.
@Nic Pegg That was my sense as well. If you’d like a Java version the one I wrote at a former employer, which this rust lib is based on, is here: https://github.com/urbanairship/sarlacc-pit. IMO the rust one is better, largely because I was able to take what I learned writing and using the Java version and apply it to a green field.
For some context on why I think folks might be interested, here’s an example sketch of functionality allowing changes to a class of configs cluster wide in ~10s with a push to
on Github, with no additional deploy or instance-restarts: https://github.com/hkolbeck/mirror-cache/blob/main/examples/dynamically-updating-configs/src/main.rs