Imagine dealing with hundreds of Kubernetes cluste...
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Imagine dealing with hundreds of Kubernetes clusters upgrade at the same time 😄 This is what my team does, and here is our experience - In a nutshell: a clear upgrade process and tons of tests are your best friends 🙂 We have also developed a couple of tools (that we have open-sourced) that make our life easier. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here.
Cool was waiting for this post, very similar to our upgrade process except we do blue green cluster deploys then drain the pods, I use Pluto to double checking things.
Thanks @Hugo Pinheiro for your feedback - BTW I think you should definitely connect with @Pierre Mavro - I am pretty sure you have plenty of experience to share together, both
For sure, sent him a linked in request, im always up to share stories 😄
Thanks for this post .. we struggled wth something similar. Especially with all the breaking changes that came with upgrades. I also remember using a tool via the cli .. i believe it was
kubectl convert
.. which did a decent job.
cc @Pierre Mavro
Oh I didn't know this one thanks 🙂